The Ecohydro Lab at UBC is focused on understanding interactions between the water cycle and a range of ecological processes such as carbon dynamics and nutrient fluxes at the terrestrial-aquatic interface. As a group oriented towards interdisciplinary research, we collaborate extensively with research groups in diverse domains from across campus and around the world.

Our work in ecohydrology and watershed biogeochemistry includes field-based research involving real-time measurements of water quantity and quality which we complement through GIS-based modeling, laboratory analysis and stakeholder input. The overarching goal is to leverage this research towards the development of more sustainable land-use practices and urban systems.

The Ecohydro Lab is the research group of the Integrated Watershed Analysis Laboratory (IWAL), a facility for the synchronous, coupled study of complex phenomena in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Led by Dr. Mark S. Johnson, IWAL was established at UBC through support from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.