Current graduate students in the Ecohydro lab group include:

Ryan Davis (PhD student in RMES)

Angela Eykelbosh (PhD student in RMES)

Iain Hawthorne (PhD student in EOS)

Ashlee Jollymore (PhD student in RMES)

Paige Olmsted (PhD student in RMES, co-supervised with Dr. Kai Chan)

Julia Schwerdtfeger (PhD student in Integrated Water Research at Institute of Hydrology, University of Freiburg, co-supervised with Dr. Markus Weiler)

Alicia Speratti (PhD student in RMES)

Cameron Webster (MSc student in RMES)


In addition, students listed below are lab affiliates (e.g. Mark serves as a member of their graduate committees):


Degree Program


Trisha Atwood

PhD (Forestry)

Dr. John Richardson

Mesfin Fentabil

PhD (Environmental Sciences)

Dr. Craig Nichol

Anna Harrison


Dr. Gregory Dipple

Kun Jia


Dr. Roger Beckie

Hughie Jones

MSc (Land and Food Systems)

Dr. T. Andrew Black

Jason Leach

PhD (Geography)

Dr. R. Dan Moore

Doris Leong

PhD (Geography)

Dr. Simon Donner

Sheena Spencer

MSc (SFU Geography)

Dr. Ilja Tromp-van Meerveld

Andres Varhola

PhD (Forestry)

Dr. Nicholas Coops