I am a PhD student in Dr. Mark Johnson's lab looking at soil organic matter and carbon content in soils under different land-uses in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Through experiments and modeling, I hope to contribute to the development of sustainable soil management practices with local farmers that can improve land-use efficiency and minimize carbon loss.

My background is in soil ecology, having completed an MSc at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University. Before coming to UBC, I worked with different local and international organizations promoting sustainable development. These included UNEP Brazil, the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries, and more recently the UNEP-Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal. Through these experiences I witnessed first-hand the need for closer collaboration between scientists and policymakers, and the importance of communication between these groups and with the general audience. As a TerreWEB scholar, I will learn different forms of communication so that I can better share my research with the greater public.

Currently on 6-month internship at the University of Barcelona in Spain, with blog updates at The Barc6lona Half.