Collecting water samples


I developed my interested towards environmental geosciences while doing my BSc in Chemistry at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, in Lima. As part of my undergraduate thesis, I had to work in the Tambopata National Reserve, which is in the heart of the amazon rainforest. My project was focused on the analysis of carbon cycling within the Amazonian rainforest, specifically on litter decomposition in the forest floor.

All of this led me to further pursue a MSc. in geological sciences in the Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric sciences department at UBC. I worked on a project that integrated flux tower (using eddy covariance) and aquatic flux measurements to understand the carbon budget of Burns Bog, a restored wetland located in BC, Canada. You can read my MSc thesis here!

Currently I am doing a PhD in geological sciences, and I'm focusing on the water and carbon balance of a cropland in Cuiabá, Brazil. 

EC tower - Burns Bog